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According to the Department of Labor (DOL) and SBA, 8 out of 10 small businesses will fail in TWO years; half will fail in FIVE years and a third will FAIL in 10 years. And the SBA considers a small business as anything under 500 employees - which is not just small business but mid-sized businesses as well. Why? Because they can't afford the help and often don't have the skills to do the work themselves.


Our CEO has been helping small businesses as a business owner and college professor for almost ten years by giving advice through 1:1 consultation or webinars at the SBA. And what she's learned: most people haven't a clue how to successfully run their small business.  They quickly become overwhelmed managing everything, but put on a brave face, as they struggle to grow.

Ask us how a portion of what you spend with HunterHennessy is used to support small businesses in your community. We have the 'real world' small business experience to help them where they need it most!

Happy Businessman



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