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Urban Modern Interior Design


HunterHennessy's team has worked for, and with, large global corporations. We know that, while they have vast resources, they also have unique challenges to overcome. These may include tensions between corporate resources and field resources with P&L responsibilities yet corporate with account management accountability. We understand, and use, the same Quality Management Systems and methodologies so as to align with our corporate partners' need for consistent processes and feedback loops to provide the highest quality solutions.

We offer Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) for those seeking to expense out their marketing efforts to focus on their core operations. Our company also has many diversity certifications that will benefit large companies.
Also ask us about our unique #CommunityEquity program that gives back to small businesses based on dollars spent with HunterHennessy. 

HunterHennessy is the right consultancy.
We understand the need for unique divisional branding and support, global scope, corporate training needs, and more.
We achieve the right results because we know the right questions to ask - and how to listen to what is said and not said.
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