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We don't believe in criticism.

We believe in continuous improvement.

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Our Team

Our Team

HunterHennessy's President and CEO, MBA, M.Ed, PhD - President and CEO

Our CEO has been working in the field of Marketing for over 20 years. Her expertise is in all areas of Marketing stemming from her humanities degree from the University of Michigan with an emphasis in English, Psychology and Communication as well as an MBA and her educational degree and training. She has mastered the 8-Ps of Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Positioning, People, Partnerships, and Packaging and People. Amy understands both the analytical side but also the creative aesthetic side of marketing often missed by those who only focus on the numbers or those who only focused on the creative. Her branding and targeted campaigns have won an American Marketing Association Award and Silver Microphone Award (one of the highest honors in the field ) for her intuitive marketing skills and expertise plus numerous client recognition awards. She also teaches many disciplines at local colleges including in the business and marketing curriculum as well as art schools as a creative complement. She has extended this experience to building corporate education and training programs for companies and teaching employees as well. She has been reorganizing companies for success while addressing change management that can be a result of growth. Her business consulting has always been a side project to teaching or working for corporations but her successes in sharing her expertise, through her project work, has led her to expand her consulting services to help a greater number of businesses and individuals.

HunterHennessy's Gig Consultants

As a college professor, HunterHennessy's CEO is an expert on generational demographics including the power of its largest workforce, the  Millennials but also Retirees or people wanting to Exit their corporate positions. She has harnessed the amazing talent of her former students, and others in the industry, who provide specialized team support on projects program managed by HunterHennessy. This ensures that all client projects have only the highest caliber of talent to deliver on HunterHennessy's value and quality. HunterHennessy's gig talent will support its clients for the last five years in areas such as finance, website development, technical writing, photography, market research, product testing, and much more. For each project, they are assigned to work with HunterHennessy's project managers who coordinate the entire team's efforts using GANTT and RACI charts to meet its deliverables on-time with the highest quality.

HunterHennessy LLC is a certified diversity Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) by being located in Oak Park, Michigan. HunterHennessy (HH) Consulting was established in 2015 to park only guest speaking appearances fees by our CEO and a limited number of projects to help small businesses. We have now expanding to full consulting services comprised of our talented, award-winning teams that bring a unique perspective (from outside an organization looking in) in order to a) identify areas for improvement or b) bring our unique and experienced lens to projects in order to help our clients achieve success with their growth business marketing plans.

Vision and Mission

HH's vision is to provide its clients with both an analytical and creative approach to every consultative analysis and project in order to help our client's realize outcomes that are more innovative and successful. Our mission is to provide customized project teams focused on - not just the project deliverables - but how our knowledge can help clients yield the highest growth potential. To do this, HH's leadership is very involved and focused on encouraging, empowering, and harnessing the talent of its workers and partners.


We carefully listen.

Not with just our ears to hear the verbal, but with our eyes to observe the non-verbal.

HunterHennessy is focused on providing the highest quality of business and marketing consulting to its clients selling both products and services. Its team is comprised of experts that have worked at or managed large global corporations within most major industries including automotive, telecommunication, utilities, publishing, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, real estate, banking/finance, education, food and beverage, pharma/medical device, and more.

We offer a wide variety of services because the depth and breath our team's knowledge - in many areas of supply chain marketing and workforce management - is decades in the making. As the mega-brands such as Nike and others have figured out - marketing is everything in modern business. That is why we can support clients in the staffing industry given our 10+ years of billion-dollar experience. Can anyone say sales and recruitment marketing? More importantly, it is not just external marketing to acquire new customers or further grow existing business - but internal marketing efforts to make sure your employees have the depth of knowledge, motivation and winning attitude needed for business growth.  As a college professor with a Masters of Education, this is our CEO's sweet spot to help companies create learning development plans for their own workers and their temporary workers.

To increase our value to clients, HunterHennessy is a WBE and DBE located in a disadvantaged hubzone census track. This is not why our clients select us but we know these statuses can further help our clients. This is always our goal, to find a multitude of ways to provide value!

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