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Please see our comprehensive list of consultative supply chain marketing services. We have detailed out each focus area and where we can analyze and recommend successful solutions that will take your organization to the next level. Our teams are also available for project work to keep your teams focused on core functions. We also provide training in key areas so your employees can perform the function or training to improve their marketing skills. We look forward to hearing from you how we can help!


Analysis & Recommendations

Market Analysis

HunterHennessy's CEO teaches college courses in marketing, management, and business curriculums and selects her team members who have worked in both business and marketing areas. Further, she mentors her teams in all areas to ensure that when providing clients with strategic business analysis, it is from an operations perspective with a lens for the information gathered from a marketing overlay of the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, staffing, and labor trend analysis, and more. Our teams can provide a 360 review of a business, including its operational teams such as IT, accounting/finance, risk management, and more. We provide a thorough analysis report that includes recommended areas for improvements in process efficiency. This includes time studies, benchmarking studies, and surveys to capture qualitative and quantitative data from a different perspective. For as an outsider looking into an organization, we can identify systemic structural and behavioral factors that can be inadvertently preventing a company from moving forward.


Analysis & Recommendations (Project Work Available)

Conversation between Colleagues

Business plans are designed to help create a roadmap for the business and operational side of a company. They are also critical for obtaining funding because banks and venture capitalists all require that your business succeed so they can recoup their investment plus earn interest. Business plans are also beneficial when reorganizing a company so as to move it to the next level: from small business to midsize to the billion-dollar club. Business plans include forecasting elements for six months and up to five (5) years. But they often get scrapped once created and companies will meander off the plan. While meandering is often good because it helps companies grow, a business plan is a living document to be altered to adjust for operational needs and growth. But often companies get 'stuck' in a rut not knowing how to escape and this is how we can come in and help organizations recalibrate (if already in business) or get started with a model designed for success. Our teams will complete a 360 and/or market analysis and present our findings along with recommendations for companies to execute against. *We have project teams that can help companies with any recommendations in the plan should they need extra support. We also have our own comprehensive data collection forms that can be completed by someone on a budget (or with their own teams) and we can provide an assessment once completed.


Analysis & Recommendations (Growth Sales Training Available)

Smiling Teacher

Our CEO has a master's in education and a college professor with decades of experience working in the corporate world. So education is her passion but with a focus, not of just checking the education box, but with learning outcomes that have an immediate impact on business operations. She has conducted generational training and keynote speaking on how the generations because their educational requirements vary greatly.  Our teams, are able to analyze and make recommendations to changes in corporate training programs to meet the generational need. This can be from examples used, learning modality, refresher or re-enforcement training, assessments to test real knowledge, and more. We have created 'corporate universities' for company's comprised of general marketplace training courses, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) like LinkedIn, and more. *We can analyze your existing training materials (for compliance or job requirements) and make recommendations. Project work is also available for helping companies develop their own training programs (or enhance them) or select or enhance the use of self-directed online Learning Management Systems that can  reduce the need for resources to conduct live training.


Analysis & Recommendations

Happy Couple

Supplier diversity is a driving force in the corporate world driven by the government and large corporations. It is designed to provide greater access to smaller and diverse organizations. We provide consultation to companies about the type of diversity organizations may apply, how to get certified and the most effective ways to complete the certification process and get added to corporate programs. Doing this will allow a company to gain access to proposals within their SIC code listing. It does not guarantee business, but it gives your business an advantage against your competitors.


Analysis & Recommendation (Project Work Available)

Flow Chart

Most OEMs and large corporations embrace Quality Management Systems (QMS) and require their suppliers to be in compliance. But most will get the certification (to earn the business) but don't embrace QMS to embed it within their organizations. Mid-size and small companies don't often see that adherence to 'processes' is the same as a job description for a worker. A process defines each department's (and person within the department) role in creating a product or providing a service. If there is a problem in a deliverable, then it becomes much easier to identify what step is broken and is it an isolated incident or a systemic problem requiring a change. Root cause analyses or Six Sigma 5 Whys or fishbone charts are ways to do this. But quality management should be a seamless enhancement and not a distraction. *We can provide project support to help implement a QMS, diagram processes, or enhance an existing QMS system which may include creating enhanced feedback loops.


Analysis & Recommendation (Project Work Available)

Solar Panel

Like Quality Management, corporations are now embracing Social Responsibility and Sustainability (S&S) to address social and climate changes. So embracing them (even if you just provide an indirect service) will be increasingly critical in the 21st century. It is now becoming a selection driver in RFX proposals. HunterHennessy can help you develop or enhance a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategic Plan. By investing time now to create policies and training materials (for employees and suppliers) will increase opportunities to win new business and impress customers. Better yet, it can allow you to save money through hard and soft dollar savings! Our teams can complete an assessment of your organization and make recommendations.  *Project work can include identifying all opportunities, creating and including them in a CSR report, write policies that can be included in HR materials, and work with third-party S&S auditing firms to ensure the highest S&S scores.


Analysis & Recommendations (Project Work Available)

Office Environment

Large and small events can create change management havoc for an organization that can impact the quality and quantity of production. This can include the addition or exit of leadership, vendors, software systems, and more. Our teams can help minimize the impact of change management by developing communication plans, intranet sites with content updates, team building and motivational exercises, automated email notifications, and more. We can help develop a plan to anticipate change management or plans to remedy existing issues of change management. *Project work can include creating intranet sites, communication plans, and more.


Analysis & Recommendations (Project Work Available)

Four People

The Boomer generation is retiring and GenX will be at the retirement age soon. Yet GenX is actually the smaller of the generation groups with the Millennial being larger. HunterHennessy's CEO teaches college courses, and from her observations and collected data, she speaks publically at industry events (e.g., American Staffing Association; Staffing Industry Analyst, SBA) as a keynote speaker or lecturer. Her insights, content, and presentation style have yielded a 96% satisfaction rating from attendee surveys. On a limited basis, she has provided corporate consultations with HR and leadership to establish protocols for the acquisition and retention of Millennials and GenZ. They require additional mentoring, training, and support. *Project work includes a generational plan, workforce training, gamification suggestions, and more.


Analysis & Recommendations (Project Work Available)

Board Meeting

Creating boards within an organization can occur for many reasons. They can be voluntary boards for small businesses or non-profits that can be comprised of friends and business associates, in a variety of fields, who can help provide perspective, guidance, within their areas of expertise. It is also critical to have a balanced mix of industry experts who can make a quarterly or monthly commitment. Our teams work to identify the correct skill needs based on the scope, and ensuring that there is diversity not just in the candidates but in opinions. The worst thing for any organization is a 'yes' board as growth requires discussion and representation of all sides of an issue for a discussion.   *Project work includes helping develop the role of a board to provide scope, potential candidates, and education on Roberts Rules of Order.


Analysis & Recommendations (Project Work Available)

Business Woman

As two of the larger demographic groups begin to retire, most companies do not plan for knowledge and power transfers often leaving companies struggling to reorient. This becomes especially important within privately-held companies which often are family-run organizations. While many pass the organization down to the next generation without issue, many of the next generations do not have the same driving passion, commitment, or depth of knowledge. Additionally, many CEOs struggle with leaving their organizations and struggle to step back.  *Project work includes helping put the plan in place, identifying the right replacement candidate skills, organizational notifications, and even discussions for moving into a board role for CEOs so they remain active in a governance role either within their organization or other corporations in either a volunteer or paid role.

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