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There is nothing worse, to a Supply Chain Marketer, than to work really hard to win a client only to lose them due to poor customer service. We know, that it will cost even more to win them back IF they can ever be won back. Worse yet, they can share their negative experience with others.
When teaching college, and talking to people, our CEO always asks one question: What do you think Marketing is? Almost 99% of the time, people will say it is Advertising. Yet it is SO much more than Advertising. This is why many companies - except the mega-brands - struggle. They do not realize that Marketing is at the heart of everything in business and made powerful when integrated and branded properly.

HunterHennessy's Marketing Consultant Capabilities
Our CEO found Marketing Map concepts online detailed out using the subway system to illustrate the various marketing components. Yet every map she looked at...was wrong. They did not display the 8Ps of Marketing and they made marketing look very chaotic. While Supply Chain Marketing  (often referred to as Channel Marketing) is from end-to-end and dynamically complex - it is orderly - when used properly. So she deconstructed their maps, to show marketing as it really is and as a way to visually show all the areas HunterHennessy Consulting helps to advise and support building in its client's organizations.



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Most mega-corporate brands have put Marketing first because it listens using analytics. Marketing is about understanding consumer behaviors, creating products and services they need, promoting and positioning the brand, and keeping customers satisfied so they continue to buy and refer new customers.

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