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HunterHennessy Services Provided

Our award-winning experts have the experience to be able to provide measurable growth advice in both Business Models with Quality Management Processes and Marketing Supply Chain consultation in all areas of marketing (see What is Marketing?). Our tenured workforce management experience has been re-channeled into auditing all areas in contingent staffing, recruitment marketing, implementations, and vendor management.


Yes, our skills are very broad and cover almost all industries, both working for and with Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size companies trying to cross the billion-dollar mark, and small start-ups. This is our strength and what adds to our success because we see all the success and problem solving common denominators - and yours!

Click here to see our approach for large, mid-sized, and small companies:

Spring Fashion

Generational Workforce Management for Recruitment Marketing & Retention

Learn how our CEO, can offer strategic planning information based on her experience as a college professor and her work with K-12 principals and PTA/PTOs to understand the youngest generations not yet in the workforce.

  • Virtual and Classroom Training or Workshops

  • Executive Coaching

  • Executive Retreat Facilitation

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