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Managing Your 4-Generation Workforce


Amy J. Keely, MBA, M.Ed., Ph.D. ABD

Award-Winning Marketer, College Professor, Guest Speaker, Generational Workforce Management Expert (

An Amazon leak revealed that their employee turnover and hiring issues are costing them $8 Billion annually. So scale that loss to your business:

  • Are you struggling to hire and retain workers?

  • Are you inadvertently disenfranchising Boomers, GenXers, and Millennials/GenY?

  • Are you prepared to add the Zoomer/GenZ as the 4th generation in the workforce?

Contact me to understand if your organization is managing your generational workforce correctly and if you are prepared for Zoomers/GenZ (age 23 to 7).

My Generational Services:

1. Generational Workplace Leadership Guest Speaking

We share our primary research data on the Psychology of a Millennial and Psychology of a Zoomer. Insights from these speeches have garnered 100% satisfaction at associations and chamber events.

2. Generational Workplace Leadership Roundtable Facilitation

We will help facilitate a strategic leadership roundtable discussions to develop ideas for generational recruitment marketing and employee retention. Your teams will walk away with an enhanced strategic plan along with actionable items and metrics.

3. Generational Workplace Investigation

Fact: People will share more with third-party companies than their employers. You will receive a third-party investigation (from a WBE-certified firm) into your company's operations, practices, and culture through interviews and surveys. This information is collected with a focus on key generational data points.

4. Results-Driven Strategic Planning and Educational Training Model

Based on the results of the investigation, we will develop workforce training modules for each generational group designed to bring workplace harmony in order to yield greater cooperation and productivity in your company.

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